The Board of Directors!

THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS is a unique musical entertainment quartet. The first thing you will notice while seeing their performance is their enthousiasm and the dedication with wich they play. Not only will you be stunned by their impeccable, surprising and catching musical achievement, you will also be well entertained by their whitty and funny moves and jokes.

THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS present a pure and catching show while, if necessary, replacing through the audience. The four musicians of THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS have a wide experience of performing in their own country as well as abroad. Playing an extensive repertoire by both Dutch and foreign artists such as The Beatles, Bob Marley, Queen, The Beach Boys, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Tavares, Mickael Jackson, Wim Sonneveld and Doe Maar. On the “repertoire” page you can see a list of songs. Recognizable and swinging melodies of English evergreens, Dutch, English and even some Italian sing alongs and golden oldies for various occasions and all seasons.

Celle 1 Celle 2

It’s hard to exactly define the style of music of THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Rhythmic, swinging it is but is it pop, rock, folk or reggae? When the saxophone plays one of her solo’s it suddenly changes to smooth jazz! And then you hear the four-voice singing, and it’s pure barbershop! The four members of THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS (Naomi Adriaansz, Peter Dupont, Jeroen Koning and Fons Toonen) are always impaccably well dressed and ready yo perform in their own unique fanatical way.

With extremely small wireles headset microphones and a professional amplifier systhem the band looks like they are playing accousticly, but they are perfectly audible.